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[S3E12] Moving On !NEW!

In other words, Billions could only be the story of Axe vs. Chuck for so long. At some point they had to move on from their blood feud and find new enemies, allowing the show to tell new stories and move the characters in different directions. One of the great draws of this show is that it never stagnates. The ground is always moving beneath the characters, and that makes for exciting, unpredictable drama. "Elmsley Count," the season 3 finale, represents another massive shift, and it's incredibly exciting.

[S3E12] Moving On


Mid-flight, Syd gets angry at Vaughn's aloofness and says they can no longer work together. The jet veers out of control as the poison pilots take ill and die. Syd and Vaughn gain controls and take evasive maneuvers to avoid incoming missiles. The jet goes down. They survive the crash and flee the N. Korean military. They have 8 hours to meet the defector. As Syd and Vaughn commandeer a jeep, she admits to sleeping with Will but says she's moving on.

After an episode dedicated to moving the plot along verbally and focusing on dialogue and character moments, I expected a much more explosive episode. And, while there are some huge moments, perhaps that explosiveness is being saved for the season finale. 041b061a72


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