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File: Metro Last Light ...

4A's sequel to their widely-enjoyed post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 203 appeared last week, and I've been waving my Geiger counter of critical analysis over its glowing innards. Will Metro: Last Light be remembered as a worthy sequel, or as a the point where 4A's filter finally failed? Here's wot I think.Metro: Last Light's plot continues on from the explodey climax of 2033. It is, of course, once again based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's bleak future world, where Moscow's denizens have retreated below the surface of the city, fearing the radiation and seemingly supernatural creatures that plague the surface. Slightly psychic protagonist Artyom is rapidly embroiled in new mysteries, and new horrors. The game wastes no time in pitting you against nightmarish creatures and nightmare fascist metro-dwellers. The humans are, of course, as dangerous as the toothy mutants.

File: Metro Last Light ...




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