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Download Word Wipe and Compete with Players Around the World

Let's play Word Wipe, the newest free online puzzle game, and show off your language skills by matching letters to make valid words within the time limit. Remove complete lines and reach the indicated goal.

Word Wipe is a game that tests the player's agility in finding and quickly combining crosswords into meaningful words. The crosswords will be arranged in any direction: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. With each successfully created word, that word will be disappear from the screen. Reducing the letters above will give player unique and creative ways to play. The difficulty gradually increases with each round that the player completes, which will make this game get more and more interesting and challenging.

download word wipe game

A helpful tip for players to win Word Wipe is to do a quick search and match random crosswords into valid words. The tiles above the wiped-out word will drop down, giving you extra chances to find words. Crosswords from above will fall to create new words that require players to continue thinking and conquering. You can match the crosswords in any direction with a minimum length of three characters.

Word Wipe's difficulty is determined by the amount of time spent playing. Each level of play will be arranged from easy to difficult in terms of word count and time level. Therefore, your task is to be highly focused to quickly achieve your goals. The more you go to new levels, the higher your task is to clear the number of rows. After you eliminate the lines, the game rewards you with a bomb that destroys the part of your choice.

Word Wipe is suitable for all ages, especially those who like to play with words, love creativity and love to explore and conquer new things. A special thing about the Word Wipe game is that you will have more creative word combinations due to looser rules compared to other games of the same genre. These combinations vary depending on the words you choose to eliminate.

With Text Twist 2, a challenge requires you to identify as many words as possible with the available letters in a specified time. Guess Word is also a word game, but it is more relaxed and involves connecting letters in a circle to make different words.

To play Word Wipe, search the board for words. Select the letters of the word to remove the tiles. When the tiles disappear, the letters from above fall into their place. You can create words using adjacent letters in any direction, similar to the game Boggle. The minimum word length is three characters.

Often copied by others but never bested, Word Wipe is a classic and quintessential free Arkadium word spelling game that's sure to keep you on your toes, challenge you and keep you sharp and dialed in!In fact, Word Wipe is our most popular and challenging fun word games, and one of the most popular games in our library. And we understand why it is so popular and much talked about by literally millions of players worldwide like you ---our team has designed Word Wipe from the ground up to put your spelling and vocabulary skills to the test while pitting you against the clock. All said and done, playing Word Wipe is a fun and easy way to train your brain for a few minutes every day. Or many minutes every day if you so choose! We understand not all players play Word Wipe (or any of our free online games) to achieve high scores, but if interested you can see how your score compares against millions of players worldwide by visiting the leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to be the #1 Word Wipe player?!

This daily brain-bending game is one of the best ways to test your puzzle-solving skills. In cryptic crossword, each clue is a cleverly disguised puzzle, and the goal is to use the clues that are given to figure out the correct word or phrase.

This addicting game combines the best of word searching and crosswords. Challenge yourself by finding as many words as you can in a game board filled with letters. Outspell is designed to engage your mind while providing endless hours of entertainment.

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Scramble Words is the game for you. Take letters from below and make new words above to complete this word puzzle game. Whether you're new to word games or a seasoned pro, there's sure to be something to challenge you. Remember to get those bonus letters for a better score.

With cleverly designed themes, each game brings its own unique twist to the classic crossword game. Whether you're a game enthusiast, puzzle master, or just someone looking for a fun challenge, Themed Crossword has something to offer.

Word Wipe is a free online word puzzle game, join adjacent letters to create words. Clear as many lines as you can before the time runs out. Use at least 3 letters to form a word. Submitted words bring you game points. More complex words are worth more points. Letter tiles can be used more than once within the word. Play this and other word games free online.

Do you enjoy word video games? If so, you're in the appropriate area. Our collection has sufficient free word games and also day-to-day word search games to keep you hectic for hours. Have A Look At Word Wipe game, among our most popular word search games. To play, you have to race versus the clock, forming as numerous words as feasible to advance via the degrees as well as acquire factors.

World Wipe is an exciting enhancement to the word puzzle games category. Play Word Wipe game by keying the letters! As the name recommends, it's a timeless word search puzzle video game. If you're looking for something at a slower rate, we have several different word search games like Just Words (constantly follower faves and also several of our most preferred video games) or Letter Garden and also crossword challenges. You obtain a grid of letters where you require to trace words. The words can be developed diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The video game ends when you'll locate all words. The game has different trouble levels, languages, and game settings. It's the very best amongst the complimentary word challenge games.

Clear rows and columns to get to the objective before time runs out in the free online Word Wipe game! Keep going until time runs out as soon as you hit the goal! By doing so, you'll charge up a bonus offer that you can drag and click onto tiles to clear out an entire square. Think of this game as a complimentary online word search puzzle, in which the objective is to create as several words as you can, to advance through the levels as well as rack up points.

Word Wipe word search game is a timed word search video game. You will certainly need to sign up with nearby letters with each other to form words. Produce as numerous words as you can before the timer goes out. This video game is additionally tagged as a Word Search video game. Word Games Word Wipe is among our lots of Word Games that we release on

If you want to learn new words or just see how many words you already know, then play Word Wipe and test your vocabulary. A timer adds a bit of tension to the game, but you'll see that this makes Word Wipe a bit more fun, because it adds some extra challenge, which can surely help you play better and get a higher score.

In the roundup, we'll take a look at the apps and games that are worth the time and effort to download and try out. It's difficult to get lost or bewildered on the Windows Phone Store, especially with the catalogue of apps and games growing at a steady rate. There are gems that are often overlooked due to consumers opting for listings that are more prominent on the store. We've added our favourites, but note that there are many more out there.

Wordament (free): The Xbox Windows Phone game Wordament is a free word puzzle title that puts all players against one another in a two-minute tournament. Each player competes in real-time, on the same board, against everyone else playing. Each round is unique and offers challenges or optional goals that add extra points to the end score.

The object of the game is to find as many words as possible in the grid of letters. The only downside is each letter has to be joined to the corresponding follow-up to create the words. It's a difficult game when the brain freezes and no words can come to mind, but is highly addictive and bags of fun. Warning: you'll need more than two minutes as your eyes wont want to leave it.

Rainbow Rapture (free / $1.49): Rainbow Rapture is an indie game by Kindling Games that puts the player in control of a rainbow that glides, bounces and slides across a world in need of cleansing. He's basically upset with Humanity and has decided to wipe them from the planet. The landscape is of both countryside and metropolitan areas.

Trine's Hangman (free / $0.99): Arguably the best hangman game available for Windows Phone, Trine's Hangman is a feature-rich title that boasts scoreboards, accounts, addictive gameplay and more. It's hangman, but much more. As well as attempting to guess the correct word before the poor sod is hung, points are awarded for a variety of bonuses.


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