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How To Get Unlimited Money In Undertale

How to get unlimited money in Undertale

Undertale is a popular role-playing game that lets you choose your own path and actions. You can befriend or fight the monsters you encounter, and your choices will affect the outcome of the game. Money, or gold, is an important resource in Undertale, as you can use it to buy items, weapons, armor, and services from various shops and vendors. However, gold can be hard to come by, especially if you are playing the pacifist route and sparing all the enemies. Fortunately, there are some cheats and secrets that can help you get unlimited money in Undertale. Here are some of them:

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  • Temmie Village: Temmie Village is a hidden location in Waterfall that is home to the temmies, a species of cat-like creatures that speak in broken English. Temmie Village has a shop that is the only place where you can sell items in the game. You can also buy the Temmie Armor, which is the best armor in the game, but it is very expensive. However, there are some tricks to make money and lower the price of the Temmie Armor. First, you need to find Temmie Village by lighting up all the mushrooms in the dark section of Waterfall and taking the southern path. Then, you can do one of the following:

  • Sell Dog Residue: Dog Residue is an item that fills up your inventory with more Dog Residue when used. You can get it by solving the piano puzzle in Waterfall and entering the secret room behind the statue. You can then sell the Dog Residue to the temmies for 1 gold each, and use one Dog Residue to refill your inventory. Repeat this process until you have enough money.

  • Sell Cloudy Glasses: Cloudy Glasses are an item that you can buy from Gerson, the turtle shopkeeper in Waterfall, for 30 gold each. You can then sell them to the temmies for 50 gold each, making a profit of 20 gold per item. You can also haggle with the temmies by saying no when they offer to buy your item, and they will raise their price by 1 gold. Repeat this process until you have enough money.

  • Pay for Temmie's College: If you have enough money, you can choose to \"tem pay 4 colleg\" at the Temmie Shop. This will make Temmie go to college and come back with a new skill: making Temmie Armor. The Temmie Armor is very powerful, as it increases your defense and heals you every turn. However, it is also very expensive, starting at 9999 gold. The price will go down depending on how many times you have died in the game, so if it is too high, you can try dying more to lower it.

  • Hack the game files: If you are playing on PC, you can hack the game files to change your money amount. This is a risky method, as it can corrupt your game files if done incorrectly. Make sure to backup your files before attempting this. To hack the game files, follow these steps:

  • Close Undertale.

  • Go to your start menu and choose \"RUN\".

  • Enter \"%localappdata%\" and press enter.

  • Find Undertale and open File 0 in notepad.

  • Go to the 11th line down (it should be a number that is your money in the game).

  • Change it to be however many gold you wish you had.

  • Save and close the file.

  • Open Undertale and enjoy your money.

  • Hard Mode: If you are looking for a challenge, you can try playing Hard Mode. Hard Mode is a secret mode that only takes place in the Ruins and replaces all the enemies with harder ones from later in the game. To access Hard Mode, you need to name your character Frisk when starting a new game. This will unlock some extra dialogue and change some events in the Ruins. However, Hard Mode will end abruptly after you fight Toriel, as a dog will interrupt the battle and end the game. You will then be asked to choose a different name for your character and continue the game normally. The benefit of playing Hard Mode is that you can get more money from the enemies in the Ruins, as they are worth more gold than the regular ones. You can also get some rare items, such as the Butterscotch Pie, the Toy Knife, and the Faded Ribbon, from the chests in the Ruins. These items can be sold later in the game for a good amount of money.

These are some of the ways to get unlimited money in Undertale. However, remember that money is not everything in this game, and that your choices and actions have consequences. Whether you decide to cheat or play fair, make sure to have fun and enjoy the game.


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