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Bosch Wvf 2402 User Manual

Bosch Wvf 2402 User Manual

The Bosch Wvf 2402 is a washer dryer combo that can wash up to 5 kg of laundry and dry up to 2.5 kg in one cycle. It has a spin speed of up to 1200 rpm and a variety of programs and options to suit different fabrics and needs. It also features a delay start function, a child lock, and an anti-crease system. The Bosch Wvf 2402 user manual provides detailed instructions on how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot the appliance.


How to use the Bosch Wvf 2402

To use the Bosch Wvf 2402, follow these steps:

  • Load the laundry into the drum and close the door firmly.

  • Open the detergent drawer and add the appropriate amount of detergent and fabric softener according to the program and load size.

  • Select the desired program by turning the program selector knob. The display will show the program duration, temperature, and spin speed.

  • If you want to change the temperature or spin speed, press the corresponding buttons until the desired values are shown on the display.

  • If you want to add any extra options, such as prewash, intensive, or reduced ironing, press the option buttons until the corresponding indicators light up on the display.

  • If you want to set a delay start, press the delay start button repeatedly until the desired delay time is shown on the display. The appliance will start automatically after the delay time has elapsed.

  • Press the start/pause button to start the program. The display will show the remaining time and the progress of the program.

  • When the program is finished, the display will show "End" and a buzzer will sound. Wait until the door lock indicator goes off before opening the door and removing the laundry.

How to maintain and clean the Bosch Wvf 2402

To maintain and clean the Bosch Wvf 2402, follow these tips:

  • Clean the detergent drawer regularly by pulling it out and rinsing it under running water. Dry it with a cloth and push it back into place.

  • Clean the filter once a month by opening the filter cover at the bottom right corner of the appliance and unscrewing the filter. Remove any lint, coins, or other objects that may have accumulated in the filter. Rinse it under running water and screw it back into place.

  • Clean the drum by running a hot wash cycle with no laundry and adding a cup of vinegar or a commercially available cleaner. This will help remove any limescale, detergent residue, or odors from the drum.

  • Clean the exterior of the appliance by wiping it with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents that may damage the surface.

  • Leave the door and detergent drawer slightly open after each use to allow air circulation and prevent mold growth.

How to troubleshoot the Bosch Wvf 2402

If you encounter any problems with the Bosch Wvf 2402, refer to this table for possible causes and solutions:

Problem Cause Solution --- --- --- The appliance does not start or respond The appliance is not plugged in or there is no power supply Check that the appliance is plugged in and that there is power at the socket The door is not closed properly Close the door firmly until it clicks The start/pause button is not pressed Press the start/pause button to start or resume the program The water tap is closed Open the water tap fully The appliance stops during a program The water supply is interrupted Check that there is no problem with the water supply and that the hoses are not kinked or blocked The power supply is interrupted Check that there is no problem with the power supply and that no fuses have blown The load is unbalanced Pause the program and redistribute the load evenly in the drum The appliance vibrates or makes noise The appliance is not leveled Adjust the feet of the appliance until it is stable and level The transit bolts are not removed Remove the transit bolts according to the installation instructions The laundry is not washed or dried properly The program, temperature, or spin speed is not suitable for the load Select a program, temperature, or spin speed that matches the type and amount of laundry The detergent or fabric softener is not dispensed The detergent drawer is clogged Clean the detergent drawer and make sure it is inserted correctly The filter is blocked Clean the filter and make sure it is screwed tightly The appliance leaks water The hoses or connections are loose or damaged Check that the hoses and connections are secure and in good condition The door seal is dirty or damaged Clean the door seal and replace it if necessary The appliance displays an error code There is a malfunction in the appliance Refer to the user manual for the meaning of the error code and the possible solutions If you need more information or assistance, you can contact the Bosch customer service center or visit their website .


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